vCO Custom Workflow Icons

While at VMworld Europe 2014 I noticed in some of the slides in a vCO session that the presenter was using some icons for workflows that did not appear to be standard. I was quite curious how to do this, but couldn’t find much information about it until I stumbled on the below training video. If you don’t want to watch the video, here’s how to do it. Get your images into vCO Supported:

VMworld Europe 2014 – Day 4

Last day for me and first of all that meant leaving my accommodation. In my pre-VMworld post I mentioned that this time I was trialling staying in an apartment via AirBnB rather than a more traditional hotel. It turned out to be an excellent choice. I saved money, was in an excellent location and had a far more friendly experience than some of my previous stays in hotels around a busy conference, which can also be pretty soulless places sometimes when you’re travelling unaccompanied.

VMworld Europe 2014 – Day 3

Day 3 saw the second General Session for conference attendees. I watched it from the comfort of the Bloggers Area given it was mostly a repeat of the recent VMworld US conference. If you missed either, you can catch up on it here. First session for me today I went along to the vCAC Discussion Group. Led by the vCAC Product Manager it was great to hear other people’s stories on how they have used the product in the real world.

VMworld Europe 2014 – Day 2

Day 2 saw the first General Session for conference attendees. I watched it from the comfort of the Bloggers Area given it was mostly a repeat of the recent VMworld US conference. If you missed either, you can catch up on it here. One of the announcements I did catch was the HP and HDS are now shipping Evo Rail in addition to the previously announced vendors. So a pretty wide range of vendors to get them from now.

VMworld Europe 2014 - Day 1

The Monday of VMworld Europe is all about the labs for me. Given it is Partner Day and typically quieter around the conference than the rest of the week, I spend as much time in the labs as possible. Even though they are available online I never seem to get round to taking them outside of the conference. I didn’t need to queue longer than 10 mins for any of the three labs I took which was pretty good.

VMworld Europe 2014 - Day 0

First day for me at VMworld Europe 2014 in Barcelona and arrived in pretty decent time so headed over to the conference centre to get registered. It was pretty quiet and I doubt it will be like this the rest of the week. Even the transit bus was empty and I had a chauffeur drive ride across . Even still, managed to bump into a few guys from the community and it was good to put some faces to Twitter names already.

Attending VMworld Europe?

I’m fortunate enough to be able to attend VMworld Europe again this year, so thought I would suggest a few tips based on my previous experience on how to get the most out of the conference. Some years ago now the first large scale IT conference I attended was Microsoft Teched in Barcelona. Prior to attending I had no real idea what to expect, but fortunately stumbled across these two posts (1 and 2) from Jonathan Noble which were a great help.

VMworld Europe 2013: Day 3

So the final day of VMworld Europe 2013 for me and since I needed to leave not long after lunch I decided to try and get a couple of sessions in before time to go home. First up was an OpenStack using VMware session with Scott Lowe as one of the presenters. I found this very informative as I didn’t have much of an idea about OpenStack yet and it was very useful to see the integrations with vSphere in the Havana release and good discussion points were raised around where the two might be used together or apart.

VMworld Europe 2013: Day 2

Day 2 and back to the Hang Space to tune into the General Session. This was practically a word-for-word repeat of SF as far as I could tell, so I won’t bother going into much detail here. If you want to watch it in full you can see it here: The session I was most interested in today was that around the integration of Puppet and VMware. PuppetLabs CTO Nigel Kersten was one of the presenters.

VMworld Europe 2013: Day 1

Day 1 started with the General Session. I expected this to be pretty much a repeat of SF so decided to watch it from the Hang Space. There were some new announcements around the acquisition of Desktop As A Service provider Desktone, vCAC 6.0 and GA of VMware NSX. You can watch the full session here: I had a fair few sessions lined up for today. First up was a session around Log Insight.