VMworld Europe 2014 - Day 0

First day for me at VMworld Europe 2014 in Barcelona and arrived in pretty decent time so headed over to the conference centre to get registered. It was pretty quiet and I doubt it will be like this the rest of the week.

Even the transit bus was empty and I had a chauffeur drive ride across .

Even still, managed to bump into a few guys from the community and it was good to put some faces to Twitter names already.

Don’t forget to pick up your complimentary 10 trip pass for the Metro from the information desk.

In the evening I headed over to the vRockstar event at the Hard Rock Cafe. It was a great evening and loads of people from the community and some of my Xtravirt colleagues to catch up with.


A big thanks to those who organised it for putting it together, I’m sure it’s a lot more work to put it together than most people realise.