Deploying a vShield Edge: "The virtual machine is not supported on the target datastore"

Content as string: Failed to publish configuration on vShield Edge. Failed to deploy edge appliance.10105The virtual machine is not supported on the target datastore.vShield Edge The API call was the second of two calls to deploy an Edge device into a vSphere Datacenter and Cluster, i.e. one Edge per datacenter, into a specified cluster. The first Edge was deployed successfully, but not the second. Both clusters were configured in a very similar manner, the only real difference being the name of the datacenter they belonged to.

VMworld Europe 2014 - Day 1

The Monday of VMworld Europe is all about the labs for me. Given it is Partner Day and typically quieter around the conference than the rest of the week, I spend as much time in the labs as possible. Even though they are available online I never seem to get round to taking them outside of the conference. I didn’t need to queue longer than 10 mins for any of the three labs I took which was pretty good.

Use Headers in a vCO REST Operation

vCenter Orchestrator has a built -in plugin for working with systems that support REST API queries. I’ve used this fairly extensively recently while working with vCNS Out of the box the plugin will do the majority of the hard work for you, however one thing that isn’t available via the Add a REST operation dialogue is the ability to configure a custom header for the REST query. In the following example I need to add an if-match header to update the App firewall rules for a portgroup, but for a POST method I only have the option to specify the Content type:

vShield 5.5 API Programming Guide - Corrections

It’s pretty disappointing to need to do this, but recently while working with vCNS / vShield 5.5 and automating it via the REST API I have been making extensive use of the vShield 5.5 API Programming Guide. On the whole its a decent document with lots of useful examples, without which I would have been struggling. However, there are numerous mistakes in it, particularly around the URLs required for various API calls.