vShield 5.5 API Programming Guide - Corrections

It’s pretty disappointing to need to do this, but recently while working with vCNS / vShield 5.5 and automating it via the REST API I have been making extensive use of the vShield 5.5 API Programming Guide.  On the whole its a decent document with lots of useful examples, without which I would have been struggling.

However, there are numerous mistakes in it, particularly around the URLs required for various API calls. The document doesn’t seem to have been QA’d particularly well before being released and as far as I can see many of these same mistakes are present in the 5.1 document.

Since other people seem to be wasting time finding the same type of issues, I’m documenting those I find as I go on in the hope that at least it should make it easier for people to find what’s wrong, rather than waiting for a communities post response or trial and error like I have been doing.

Those I have discovered so far are below. The documented URL is listed first, the correct one is below it.

If you have any of your own, please leave them in the comments and I’ll add them to the above.