@LucD22 talks to @GetScripting About Becoming a PowerShell MVP And His Upcoming PowerCLI Book

We were fortunate enough to get a bit of a scoop on the latest episode of GetScripting . Not only did we have chance to talk to Luc Dekens about recently becoming a PowerShell MVP, but he also gave us a bit of a scoop about his upcoming new book (due out in 2014), vSphere Performance Reporting with PowerCLI . Hopefully they’ll change the cover typo by the time it gets printed :-)

Get-Scripting Episode 31 - Talking PowerShell v3 with Jonathan Noble

With the imminent release of Windows 8 and Server 2012, it’s definitely time to start preparing for PowerShell v3 which will ship as part of those releases. We recorded the latest edition of the Get-Scripting Podcast with PowerShell MVP Jonathan Noble and specifically focus on a number of topics worth checking out to get you up to speed with v3. Jonathan provides an overview on his blog of the topics we covered and some useful links.

Appearance on vSoup Podcast Episode 8

I was lucky enough to be invited onto the vSoup virtualisation podcast to talk about the PowerCLI book. Details of what we talked about and how to win a copy of the PowerCLI book are below: " In this episode we’re honored to have Jonathan Medd as our guest! As Jonathan runs his own podcast called Get-Scripting PowerShell, he proves that not only is he a great host on his own, but a very good guest as well.

Get-Scripting Podcast Episode 22 - Travis Jones (PowerShell Deep Dive Conference)

Whilst attending the recent MVP summit I was fortunate enough to get some podcast recording time with Travis Jones from the PowerShell product team. We are able to have a chat about the upcoming PowerShell Deep Dive Conference and the kind of treats instore for those lucky enough to attend. There’s still time to register for the conference so I highly recommend you do if you have the chance to attend.

Get-Scripting Podcast Episode 21 - (Richard Siddaway - PowerShell MVP)

I recently posted Episode 21 of the Get-Scripting podcast featuring an interview with my good friend, PowerShell MVP and leader of the UK PowerShell User Group Richard Siddaway. Richard is the author of PowerShell in Practice and an upcoming book PowerShell and WMI , in the interview we cover the motivation behind these books and the kind of content you can expect to get from them. In Episode 21 we are also running a competition with some great prize giveaways.

Get-Scripting Episode 20 with Jeffrey Snover

Both Alan and I have been particularly busy over the last few months, in particular with the upcoming PowerCLI book. So we have had a bigger than expected gap between episodes of the Get-Scripting Podcast , but you’ll be pleased to know that we are back with one of our best episodes to date. We were fortunate enough to get to spend some time talking with Jeffrey Snover , the inventor of PowerShell, for this episode.

Get-Scripting Episode 16 with Hey Scripting Guy Ed Wilson

One of the great things about producing a podcast is that you get to talk to and sometimes meet really interesting people. On the latest epsiode of the Get-Scripting podcast we were lucky enough to talk to Ed Wilson, the Scripting Guy over at Microsoft. I’ve often used and learnt loads from the Hey Scripting Guy series so it was great to talk to the guy who is currently writing them.

Get-Scripting Episode 14 - Clash of the Titans

One of the things I most enjoy about Christmas Day is after all the chaos of the morning has died down and everyone has fallen asleep after their big lunch I would tune it to Talksport and listen to their pre-recorded Clash of the Titans show whilst working through the mountain of washing up. This show would pit together four of their most expressive presenters in a 3 hour debate about topics of current issue or that which had been significant during the year.

Guest Co-Host Appearance on the PowerScripting Podcast

When I got into PowerShell a couple of years back one of the first resources I discovered was the PowerScripting podcast, at the time just featuring Jonathan Walz (later to be joined by Hal Rottenberg). It was great to find some other people just as enthusiastic about this new technology as I was and also a really good learning tool with loads of resources for getting started. I think I caught up with about the first 20 episodes during a single month and my wife was forever asking me why I was always listening to “those two American guys again….

Get-Scripting Podcast Number 12

So we recently published the latest episode of the Get-Scripting podcast and had a lot of fun talking with Carter Shanklin, the product manager over at VMware for PowerCLI - which for the uninitiated is the PowerShell toolkit for managing your ESX environment. Possibly the most interesting output from the interview was the upcoming Project Onyx. By sounds of things it a graphical tool which generates the PowerShell script for the action you just carried out in the VI client - similar to how Exchange 2007 provides the script at the end of most of the GUI wizards.