Get-Scripting Podcast Number 12

So we recently published the latest episode of the Get-Scripting podcast and had a lot of fun talking with Carter Shanklin, the product manager over at VMware for PowerCLI - which for the uninitiated is the PowerShell toolkit for managing your ESX environment. Possibly the most interesting output from the interview was the upcoming Project Onyx. By sounds of things it a graphical tool which generates the PowerShell script for the action you just carried out in the VI client - similar to how Exchange 2007 provides the script at the end of most of the GUI wizards.

Podcast number 12 (actually the 13th episode since we started at Episode 0) took us past the 1 year mark for the podcast. It’s been a great experience having met and spoken with some really interesting and smart people, and with PowerShell being adpoted in ever more places we won’t be short of content to output over the coming year.