Guest Co-Host Appearance on the PowerScripting Podcast

When I got into PowerShell a couple of years back one of the first resources I discovered was the PowerScripting podcast, at the time just featuring Jonathan Walz (later to be joined by Hal Rottenberg). It was great to find some other people just as enthusiastic about this new technology as I was and also a really good learning tool with loads of resources for getting started. I think I caught up with about the first 20 episodes during a single month and my wife was forever asking me why I was always listening to “those two American guys again….” in the kitchen.

They were the inspiration for starting my own show the Get-Scripting podcast and were good enough to give me some tips and advice on getting started. We’ve developed a great relationship with the guys since then and they’ve been particularly helpful in assisting with interviewees for our show, like putting us in touch with Jeffrey Snover for the panel discussion at Teched last year and the most recent episode with Antoine Habert of Poshboard fame.

So last week it was my great pleasure to be asked at the last minute to fill in for Hal as a guest co-host on the show when he couldn’t make it. I had a great time recording it with Jonathan Walz and you can check it out here.