Windows Server 8 Core Beta - Installing VMware Tools

Here’s a quick post on installing VMware Tools inside Windows Server 8 Core Beta (Note the Tools version this was tested against is the version that is available via ESXi 5 Build 515841): Mount the VMware Tools installer for the VM and switch to the CD-Rom drive. (Note: the screenshots below show a session where I was already running PowerShell, not cmd.exe) Run setup. Work through the wizard, selecting the appropriate options: Alternatively, you could use some of the command line options for installing VMware Tools, e.

Windows Server 8 Beta - Installing the first DC in a Forest on Server Core

Reminder: this post is based around a beta version of a product and obviously subject to changes before RTM. The release of Windows Server 8 Beta coincided with the need to build out a new homelab environment. I decided it would be a good opportunity to see how far I could use the Server Core deployment option (which is now the preferred choice in the install) and what issues I would come up against.