Get-Scripting Episode 11 with MoW aka the PowerShell Guy

Everybody in the PowerShell knows MoW aka the PowerShell Guy, aka Marc Van Orsouw. Either you have used one of his tools like Powertab or WMI Explorer, he’s answered one of your forum postings or you’ve read one of his blog posts to find some information about PowerShell or solve a problem. He is also crazy fun to be around, he had me in tears of laughter back at the PowerShell community dinner in Barcelona last year mainly because he instigated this which happened at the next morning’s PowerShell session with Jeffrey Snover.

One of the best things about podcasting is that you get to talk to some really interesting people, Alan and I had great fun chatting with MoW recently and I hope you will enjoy listening to it - you can download the latest episode here.

(Apologies if you can hear birds tweeting in the background during the interview - it was a rare hot day in the UK and I had the window open in the room I was recording in and didn’t realise that my microphone was so sensitive that it would pick up such quiet noises from outside.)