Get-Scripting Episode 10 with Shay Levy

One of the most interesting aspects and main reasons I started the podcasting was the opportunity to meet and speak with interesting people. Within the PowerShell community there are lots of people highly enthusiastic about this particular area of technology.

Recently Alan Renouf and I were able to talk with Shay Levy (unfortunately we couldn’t meet him since we live in different countries) who is one of the most active members of the PowerShell community. If you’ve ever posted a question to a PowerShell based forum (e.g. the official newsgroup,, etc….) its more than likely he will have answered one of your questions at some point.

We had great fun chatting with Shay, finding more out about himself (including how you really pronounce his name) and some of the other contributions he has published aside from his million plus forum replies. ;-)

You can check it out here.