Get-Scripting Podcast Episode 9 with Scott Herold

On the Get-Scripting Podcast we recently caught up with Scott Herold from Quest / Vizioncore whom Alan had attempted to record an interview with at the recent VMWorld conference, but unfortunately (or fortunately depending on which way you look at it) they ran out of time because Scott spent so much time demoing his new project the Virtualization EcoShell Initiative since it was proving incredibly popular.

So when they both got home we hooked up over Skype and had a lot of fun recording the interview that way instead. It sounded like a really interesting tool and the initial release has now been made public so I’d definitely recommend you go check it out. Currently it supports the VMWare hypervisor technology, but there are plans to expand this for Hyper-V and other areas too so it could well become your tool of choice for managing virtual environments and guess what - its free! In fact Get-Scripting’s very own Alan Renouf even contributed some of the reporting code so it must be good. :-)

Scott was also on the Powerscripting Podcast last week so there is more for you to find out from Hal and Jonathan’s questions for him too.