Get-Scripting Podcast Episode 6

So we got Episode 6 of the Get-Scripting Podcast out last week. You can get it from here:

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Normally Alan, Matt and I all arrange to be in the same place to record the show. Given we live in completely different places in the UK this is not easy and is probably the main reason we keep it to one show per month. We could do a Skype type thing, but we prefer to keep it a face-to-face recording. Now though that I work in the same office as Alan this time we took the opportunity to record the show during a lunchtime and I got Matt to post-edit the result when meeting for family time over Christmas.

End result: I think the show was a bit more relaxed because we just let the tape roll and edited afterwards rather than stopping and starting when normally we sometimes re-record bits; logistically much easier; still took about the same time to edit.

The interview with Ben Pearce which I had recorded a few weeks earlier was an absolute blast. Ben is such a fun guy to be around and made for a real easy interview because he doesn’t stop talking; I think we got some great tips from him for Powershell beginners too.