PowervRA - Now available on OS X and Linux via PowerShell Core!

Back Story For a while Craig and I have had a number of requests regarding offering OS X and Linux support to PowervRA, particularly since in case you weren’t aware PowerShell is now available on those OSs and 3rd party modules such as PowerCLI are heading towards supporting that. We first looked at offering this support for PowervRA when the first Alpha release of PowerShell Core was shipped, however we were blocked by a couple of issues, particularly this one regarding certificate checking.

Writing PowerShell Code on OS X using Sublime

The majority of my PowerShell code is written in a Windows VM where all the typical native PowerShell tools are available. However, occasionally I may want to quickly view or make small changes to some code in OS X. It’s possible via the built-in TextEdit application, but that’s kind of the equivalent of using Notepad on Windows, i.e. a pretty basic experience. I recently read this review of Text Editors on The Register and decided to check out Sublime after discovering PowerShell could be added as an additional language to support syntax highlighting.