WSUS 3.0 Cleaning out redundant computers

Following on from my last post about WSUS 3.0 and Powershell another thing which bugged me about the WSUS 3.0 GUI is the Cleanup Wizard. This is a really useful tool for keeping your WSUS deployment running efficiently. It includes the ability to clean out computers which haven’t synched with the WSUS server for over 30 days - unfortunately 30 days is the default value which can’t be changed in the GUI.

WSUS 3.0: Approving Multiple Updates for a Specific Computer with Powershell

One of the best uses I have found for Powershell is for plugging gaps in holes left by GUI admin tools which don’t do everything that you want. Prior to Powershell you would typically have had to wait for the next service pack / full release / possibly ever before you had the functionality that you wanted. I had an example of this recently with the GUI tool for WSUS 3.