Start-Transcript Now Available in the PowerShell ISE in PowerShell v5

*Warning. This article was written using the September 2014 PowerShell v5 Preview* Prior to PowerShell v5 it was not possible to use Start-Transcript in the PowerShell ISE, it could only be used in the standard PowerShell console. You would receive the error: Start-Transcript : This host does not support transcription. (There were alternatives to get round it , and here) Now in PowerShell v5 it can be used natively:

Getting Zippy with PowerShell v5

*Warning. This article was written using the September 2014 PowerShell v5 Preview*  (OK, I was really looking for an excuse to use the below picture in a blog post)  One of the most popular and long standing requests for PowerShell is native support for working with Zip files. With PowerShell v5 we get two new cmdlets Compress-Archive and and Expand-Archive. Here’s a couple of examples of how they work.