Getting Started with PowerShell 7 - Ebook Available

Recently I was invited to contribute to a week of blogging to coincide with the release of PowerShell 7 to help showcase some of the new features available. To follow up on that content, Jeff Hicks has put in some fantastic effort, collated all of the content and wrapped it up all into one place in an Ebook available from Leanpub. Technically it’s possible to get hold of a copy from there for free.

Running PowerShell 7 Commands Directly on Ansible Localhost

In a previous post I have written about Running PowerShell Core Commands Directly on Ansible Localhost using the version of PowerShell Core available at that time 6.2.3. With the recent release of PowerShell 7 I will demonstrate how to achieve the same outcome with this newer version and also an example taking advantage of one of the new features. My awx_task container is based on Centos 8 and installation for PowerShell 7 is the same process as for 6.

PowerShell 7 New Feature: ForEach-Object -Parallel

Prior to PowerShell version 7 there were a number of different methods for running PowerShell tasks in parallel, for example creating your own runspaces manually or using a third-party module such as Invoke-Parallel or PoshRSJob to make that a little more straightforward. Not to be confused of course with the foreach -parallel language construct, which exists, but is only available via a Windows PowerShell workflow. For an excellent summary of the different options prior to v7, I would highly recommend checking out Richard Siddaway’s talk from PSDayUK 2019 which provides some great insight.