Authenticating to GitHub using Git for Windows and a Personal Access Token fails

While following this guide to migrate to using multiple GitHub HTTPS accounts on Windows from a single user account I have used for years, I had to remove my existing credentials from Windows Credential Manager. When re-authenticating via the prompted login window: to existing repos on using an existing Personal Access Token or authenticating to a new repo using a different account on an instance of GitHub Enterprise using a new Personal Access Token, I would receive a combination of the following errors:

Git Remote Add Upstream - fatal: remote upstream already exists

While attempting to add as an upstream something went awry and I was constantly presented with the error: fatal: remote upstream already exists OK, but when I tried to fetch the upstream it failed with: fatal: ‘upstream’ does not appear to be a git repository Being new to git this took a little while to figure out, but I thought I’d document it in case it would be helpful for someone else.

vCheck - Now Available on GitHub

The unbelievably successful vCheck script from Alan Renouf which can be used to provide a daily report on your vSphere (and other technologies) environment is now available on GitHub. This is a great move since it more easily enables further community input to develop this tool further by allowing you to submit contributions via a central repository. If you’ve not used GitHub before then head over to the home page and create an account.