Office 2013 Performance Issues in VMware Fusion 6

I was experiencing some issues running Office 2013 64-bit inside a Windows 7 64-bit VM in VMware Fusion 6. In particular Word crashing more than Word in Office for Mac (which is saying something) and Excel barely usable, crashing often less than a couple of minutes after being started. Some research led me to this VMware Communities post and other similar suggestions around turning on Disable hardware graphics acceleration and turning off Use subpixel positioning to smooth fonts on screen.

Using More Than One External Monitor in VMware Fusion 6

I needed to connect two external monitors to my MacBook Pro and use them with a Windows VM inside Fusion 6. Initially when I connected both, Windows would only recognise one of the external monitors, seemingly dependent on which was connected first. A communities posting revealed a similar issue along these lines. Essentially the automatic detection of the monitors was not working correctly and the suggestion was to power down the VM and update the VM’s vmx file with the below: