Automating SonarCloud with PowerShell – Part 3 Onboarding a User

Warning: this post contains unsupported API calls, so use at your own risk

Similar to the situation in Part 2 for onboarding a project into SonarCloud, onboarding a user into an organization is also not supported via the public API.

In the API documentation there is no entry for api/organizations

This was confirmed by a community posting and unfortunately did not appear on the roadmap:

Back to Chrome Developer Tools

So in the same way as in Part 2 I used Chrome Developer Tools to monitor what happens in the SonarCloud UI when adding a member to an organization:

We can see that a URL of /api/organizations/add_member is used:

The payload contained two items:

  • login – the GitLab user id
  • organization – the SonarCloud organization

Consequently the Add-SonarCloudOrganizationMember function was born and we can now fully onboard a user to an organization with the following:

The user is successfully onboarded to the organisation: