HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate - Exam Experience

A few weeks ago I took the HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate Exam. As part of a learning exercise to get more experience with this technology, having had some basic hands-on experience I booked the exam a short while in advance to have a target to focus the learning.

I used a combination of the online certification guide at Hashicorp and a few courses available from Pluralsight by Ned Bellavance:

The guide at Hashicorp was excellent for covering the basics with a particular focus on the exam topics. I followed along using test AWS and Azure subscriptions I have access to in order to get more hands-on use. In addition, I found all three Pluralsight courses excellent not just in terms of preparing for the exam, but also had a wider scope and helped better prepare for some real world experience I needed for a work project.

Finally, I used some practice questions from this course on Udemy which gave a good impression of the type and level of difficulty of questions to expect on the exam.

The exam itself was online given the current issues with accessing physical test centres. Based off my previous experience with taking a Microsoft exam online and a good experience with this Hashicorp exam, I think any future exams I take will be online rather than the effort needed to get to a test centre, which for me is typically a 2 hour drive away.

Happy to report that the exam was a success :-)