Preparing for 70-532: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions

I recently passed the exam 70-532: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions so thought I would share a few preparation materials here. From reading the exam blueprint you will notice a certain amount of crossover with 70-533, so a fair amount of the resources I used for that exam are also relevant. See my page here for info on that one:

In addition for this exam I used the excellent 70-532 preparation course from Scott Duffy on Udemy:  Not only does it have excellent content, but it appears that Scott updates it on a regular basis. Even during the 3 - 4 weeks I was using the course there were updates and new information coming through from Scott which was really helpful. It’s also often available for an excellent price on Udemy, I managed to pick it up for £10.

Scott also has a set of practice questions available on the same site. Split into 3 tests, there are currently 150 questions. I managed to also pick these up for £10 and found them useful as part of the preparation.


Update 21/11/2017: Since I posted this blog I was made aware of the following about Udemy. I would suggest you read it, then make up your own mind about whether you still wish to take one of their courses.


BTW watch out since as of 12th October 2017 there are some changes to the 70-532 exam, Scott has some info on that here. By chance I happened to have mine scheduled for 10th October so I’m unable to comment on whether those changes have filtered through yet.

After completing the above I still had a week or so left to prepare for the exam so I picked up some practice questions from Measureup. These were a bit more pricey at £70 for 30 days access and while useful, they felt a little out of date. The biggest thing I got out of them was the realisation that there might be a fair bit of C# tested in this exam and that turned out to be the case.

While C# is not specifically called out in  the objectives, it turns out that kind of like being comfortable with PowerShell is really required for the 70-533, being the same with C# is needed for the 70-532. At a minimum I would say being familiar with how it’s laid out, having a reasonable idea of what a code section might do and picking out what might be missing from a list of choices would be a good idea.

Finally I watched a session recorded at Ignite 2016: Cert Exam Prep: Exam 70-532: Developing Azure Solutions which had a few good tips for this exam.

Good luck if you are taking it yourself!