Import a Package from a Folder in vRO 7.0.1

vRO 7.0.1 in Design mode contains a new toolbar button in Packages; Import package from folder:

Previously it was possible to export a vRO package to either a zip file or directly to a folder, but only import back from a zip file.

Exported to a folder test, we get the following:


Now in a clean vRO server, I currently do not have those workflows:

If I select the Import Package from folder button, I can browse to the folder contained the previously exported to a folder package:

Then the process to import the package is the same as in the previous vRO versions when importing from a zip file:

and now I can use the workflows and action


Not only is this very handy, it is potentially significant, because it may make it slightly easier to integrate vRO workflow development with source control systems.