Unable to Create vRA Business Groups with the Same Name in Different Tenants with vRO

vRA Build 6.2.2-2754020

vRO 6.0.1

Via the vRA GUI I can create Business Groups with the same names in different Tenants as follows:

Tenant1: BusGroup1, BusGroup2, BusGroup3

Tenant2: BusGroup1, BusGroup2, BusGroup3

However, creating the Business Groups with the same names in different Tenants via the vRO plugin, specifically the workflow Library / vCloud Automation Center / Administration / Business Groups / Create a Business Group, fails in the second tenant with the below error:

[42106] The specified condition was not met for ‘Name’. (Dynamic Script Module name : createBusinessGroup#12)

If I change the naming convention to be different per tenant then I have no issue. I thought it might be a restriction in the product, but as mentioned I was able to create them with the original same names via the GUI.

Anyone else experience the same thing? If you do, leave a comment here or on this communities post.


Update 06/10/2015:

A VMware employee confirms this problem to be a known issue.