vFACTOR London VMUG January 2015

Ever thought about presenting at a user group, but not quite found that extra incentive to give it a go for the first time? Many people I know have benefited in both a personal and professional capacity from doing so and I certainly have too. The opportunity to relate tales of a project at work or a particular piece of technology you have an interest in can often be quite an experience I’ve found, with discussions afterwards leading to new ideas about your topic or even people believing you’re an expert at something, just because you had the guts good sense to stand up in front of your peers and talk about it.

If you haven’t done it before and need an incentive to help get you over that first hurdle, the London VMUG are offering significant encouragement to get you started. At the next London VMUG in January 2015 there are a set of prizes available for five people prepared to give a 10 minute lightning talk.

That’s right, all you need to do is be selected to give a talk for 10 mins and you are guaranteed one of the five prizes below - the winner to be determined by the audience.

The odds look pretty good to me - a 60% chance of winning an Apple product and the worst that can happen to you is you come away with an Amazon voucher and the respect of your peers for giving it a go!

1st Prize: MacBook Air 2nd Prize: iPad Air 3rd Prize: iPad Mini 4th Prize: Amazon voucher 5th Prize: Amazon voucher

Entries need to be submitted by the 19th December and all the details can be found here.