vCenter Certificate Automation Tool - what is "the Original Database Password"?

Having installed vCenter 5.1 U1a, it was time to replace certificates. Using the vCenter Certificate Automation Tool to replace self-signed SSL certificates with full certificates you will be taken through various menus to replace each certificate:

When the time comes to replace the vCenter Server certificate, you will firstly be in Menu 4 and then selecting Option 2, Update the vCenter Server SSL Certificate (starting to sound like a dreaded phone call to a utilities or government call centre yet? It’s almost as painful):

One of the questions prompted by selecting this option is “Enter the vCenter Server original database password”, preceded by some horrible warnings about what might happen if you get it wrong!:

I’m not sure if the choice of the word ‘original’ is deliberate here or potentially misleading. Luckily for me this was for a new install, not an upgrade and since I was using Windows Authentication I took it to mean the password of the AD service account for vCenter. Using this was successful for me, what it means if you have historically changed the vCenter service account, moved from a SQL User or currently a SQL user is not immediately clear. I would take it to mean the current account used (Windows or SQL) by vCenter to connect to the database.

Would be interested to hear of others’ experiences.