Automation Station at the UKVMUG 2012

How do you provision, manage and decommission your (sprawling) infrastructure? Running around fighting fires while interesting project work falls by the wayside? Spending long evenings and weekends carrying out maintenance tasks while others are tweeting pictures of what fun they’re having in their spare time? Hiding from the bosses while they hunt you down to deploy a private cloud before Friday afternoon? Or even just figuring out what the heck infrastructure you have got and what underlying issues can you report on…..

Maybe you should consider some automation within your environment. If you’re coming to this year’s UKVMUG on November 15th in Birmingham then come visit Alan Renouf, William Lam and myself at the Automation Station, part of the extensive range of additional community content available at this already great event.

From provisioning / decommissioning physical and virtual servers, users, storage, networking and applications, through maintenance tasks, workflows and software testing, to what tools such as PowerShell, PowerCLI, vSphere CLI, Orchestrator, Python etc, you should or could use for different scenarios. We’d love to hear what automation you are already carrying out in your environment and have an opportunity to discuss what other things you could do.

If you ask nicely we might even write some code for you to take away to carry out an automation task.

Look forward to seeing you there and also highly encourage you check out the other community content available on the day (times subject to change, but we’ll be around all day 🙂 )