PowerShell v3 - ISE Commands Add-on

*****Warning. This is from a preview release******

PowerShell ISE in v2 allowed you to create your own custom menu items via PowerShell script (a good example can be found on the Hey Scripting Guy blog)

PowerShell ISE in v3 ships with an Add-on built in called Commands. This Add-on places (by default) a Commands entry in the Add-on Tools Pane as below:

This Add-on is a very useful learning and reference tool since it provides access to help info for cmdlets and will help you add the necessary parameters you are looking for.

If you have many PowerShell modules in your system, you can filter the list by Module or by name:

Filtering by the Microsoft.PowerShell.Core Module:

Filtering by name, Get-H:

Once you have found the cmdlet you are looking for, many of them will contain parameter options:

You can access the help from the ? button, from which a searchable Help window will appear. You can scroll up or down to read all of it, or use the search to skip directly to a phrase:

In the parameters section fill out some of the options, then you can either Run the command directly from the pane or Insert the command into the Command Pane.

Give it a try out and see what you think.


Since writing this post, I noticed a new cmdlet Show-Command in the v3 preview. This will give you similar functionality to the Commands Add-on in the ISE.


You can also skip straight to the cmdlet you are interested in:

Show-Command -Name Get-Service