PowerShell Deep Dive Conference

The PowerShell team are putting together the first ever PowerShell conference, to be held in Las Vegas April 18th - 19th. The focus on the conference will be advanced deep dives into various PowerShell topics so is being aimed at those already comfortable with using PowerShell. Attendees will include members of the PowerShell team, such as Jeffrey Snover, Lee Holmes and Bruce Payette - and likely also many PowerShell MVPs and others well known in the community. The event will run alongside the well established TEC conference.

Full details from the PowerShell Team Blog:

We’re proud to announce the first ever PowerShell Deep Dive conference! This event will take place at TEC 2011 in Las Vegas, April 18-19.

PowerShell Deep Dive is meant to provide a deep technical and strategic engagement within the PowerShell Community.  Attendees will interact one-on-one with presenters, team members and other key members of the PowerShell Community.  It will facilitate a common understanding of the technology and shared messages which we need to work throughout the community.


Registration for PowerShell Deep Dive will be capped at 100 people as it has been designed to be a very high-touch event. TEC is a deeply technical conference where attendees already understand the basics of the technologies being discussed.

It is our expectation that we’ll send 6-7 people from the PowerShell teams (Jeffrey, Lee, Bruce, Kenneth, Hari and others).

Event Structure

Monday, April 18
Tuesday, April 19


There will be two types of sessions at the PowerShell Deep Dive:

  1. Deep Dive Each 75 minute session will be broken down into 2 topics, 35 minutes each with a 5 minute break between topics. For each topic there will be ~15 for an intro followed by a 20 minute drill down. The topics will be very targeted (e.g., “splatting” or “creating customized experiences with modules”). Expect around 5-6 Deep Dive sessions, covering 10 to 12 topics.
  2. Regular Standard 75 minute presentation that the conference runs. Expect 3-4 of these, covering topics like Managing SharePoint, Exchange, etc…

Submitting Proposals

Please submit regular sessions via the TEC2011 process.  The abstract should be clear that it’s a PowerShell focused discussion.  Stella, who runs the conference, will assure that it gets considered for the PowerShell track.

Also submit the DeepDive proposals through the TEC alias [email protected] with PowerShell DeepDive in the title and Stella will redirect them for us.

Note that those who already have PowerShell content at TEC are probably already slated, implicitly, for the PowerShell track.

Sign up

Follow the link below to create your profile and enter the code.

Link: https://register.crgevents.com/TEC2011/Register/Login/UsernamePassword/Default.aspx. Code: ATGNJR6E

During registration you will be asked which conference you plan to attend. Please select “Virtualization & Cloud”.

You may also want to enter “Other - PowerShell Deep Dive” in response to “How did you hear about TEC?”

Hope to see you there!

Travis Jones [MSFT] Windows PowerShell PM Microsoft Corporation