PowerCLI Book Is Go!

Last year I was fortunate enough to be invited to help out Alan Renouf and Luc Dekens with their PowerCLI book project and write a few chapters to help them keep on schedule. I was also joined by two other well known PowerCLI community members Glenn Sizemore and Arnim van Lieshout.

It is often said that ‘Virtualisation is a journey’ – well writing a book about virtualisation was definitely a journey!It was a fantastic experience with many highs and lows and I now fully appreciate how much effort other authors put into technical books.

We were very fortunate to have a fantastic editor Mary Ellen Schutz who took a motley crew of five first time authors and turned their attempts to express their PowerCLI ideas and knowledge into chapters of comprehensible content.

We were also very lucky to have the services of Stuart Radnidge as technical editor to review our content and in particular the PowerCLI functions and scripts that are included throughout the book to eliminate any mistakes.

I am obviously biased, but whilst reviewing chapters in the book by my other fellow authors I was amazed at some of ideas they had that I never would have thought of doing and it was a real inspiration to make sure that my chapters would match up to their level of quailty.

We have just been informed by the publisher that the book will ship from their warehouses on 28th March so it should appear in all good bookstores shortly afterwards.

We have set up a dedicated website  at http://powerclibook.com. For now that site is read-only, but we will open up the forum soon, so you will be able to leave comments and ask questions concerning the book.

There are links below on where you can get it from. We’d love to hear feedback from any of you who buy the book and hope you find it useful in your quest to automate your vSphere environment.