PowerShell in Practice - Review and 39% Discount Code

The book ‘PowerShell in Practice’ by Richard Siddaway was published back in June 2010 and I was fortunate enough to have been involved as a tech reviewer for the book during the writing phase. This book is a great resource and is aimed at the Windows Systems Administrator, particularly one who covers a wide variety of areas and perhaps doesn’t necessarily specialise in only one area, say Active Directory or Exchange.

Richard covers many topics, both those with sets of cmdlets available and those for which you need to dig a bit deeper and use technologies such as WMI or .NET to help you out. The full list of topics is below.

Part 1 Getting started with PowerShell

1 PowerShell fundamentals

2 Learning PowerShell

3 PowerShell toolkit

4 Automating administration

Part 2 Working with people

5 User accounts

6 Mailboxes

7 Desktop

Part 3 Working with servers

8 Windows servers


10 Active Directory structure

11 Active Directory topology

12 Exchange Server 2007 and 2010

13 IIS 7 and XML

14 SQL Server

15 PowerShell innovations

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