PowerShell 2.0: One Cmdlet at a Time 103 Update-List

Continuing the series looking at new cmdlets available in PowerShell 2.0. This time we look at the Update-List cmdlet.

What can I do with it?

Add, Remove or Replace items from a property value of an object. This cmdlet can only update a property when it supports the IList interface. So far this does not include any of the core Windows PowerShell cmdlets - however it does include some of the cmdlets that ship with Exchange 2007 and later.


Add additional email addresses to the Test1 user’s mailbox using the Add parameter of Update-List.

Get-Mailbox Test1 | Update-List -Property EmailAddresses -Add [email protected],[email protected] | Set-Mailbox

How could I have done this in PowerShell 1.0?

Shay Levy has a great blog post on dealing with AD / Mailbox accounts with multi-valued attributes.

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