Powershellers on Twitter

So I was pretty sceptical for a long while about things like Twitter and Facebook, but I finally gave in mostly thanks to my buddy Alan Renouf and to be honest its been brilliant. Its such a useful way to quickly find information and keep up to date with a particular topic, obviously in my case Powershell.

Whilst at Teched it was a great tool to keep up with things which were going on in sessions or what people where up to. I also used it during a Powershell Q&A with Jeffrey Snover to invite fellow Twitterers to give me some questions for him.

At the Get-Scripting podcast its a really useful tool for us to be able to put out info about the show, particularly when we release a new epsiode and conversley really handy to keep up to date with shows like the Powerscripting Podcast and Mind of Root.

Steven Murawski from the Mind of Root podcast has helpfully posted a list of Powershell people on Twitter who you can follow.

Best news of all Jeffrey Snover has just started posting on Twitter! Now that is definitely a good person to follow for Powershell info. ;-) There was lots of chat during the Powerscripting UStream the other night when Jeffrey and Bruce were on the show about how the chat that night was pretty similar to what goes on on Twitter, so I guess that’s maybe we he signed up too.