Tech.ed Day 5

All good things must come to an end I guess, so after an amazing week at Teched it was time to attend the last few sessions.

I attended a couple of sessions I have a particular interest in - WSUS 3.0, with Marc Shepard Program Manager. The sessions had promised some Powershell so I had taken along with me a script which I hadn’t quite finished off and asked Marc about it afterwards at the Ask the Experts stand.

He seemed genuinely interested and very kindly worked through most of it, then took it away with him and said he would either get it back to me next week or might have time before the next session. So I duely turned up for the next session and was really pleased when Marc presented me and demonstrated the finished script! I will blog about it in detail next week after I have been able to test it back in work, but for me this was a real value for going to Teched, you wouldn’t get that kind of help from someone so close to the product at a normal training course.

Marc ran a really great second session, which was a Q&A on WSUS 3.0. He gave some really great answers and took a lot of feedback about the product which you believed he actually would try to do something about.

For the final session of the week I went to a repeat of the Powershell session with Ben and Jeffrey. Due to the fact a lot of people had left the conference by this time, the attendence wasn’t massive, but both presenters were so relaxed that it made for a really funny session with lots of jokes. (Possibly more on this in a later post)

Once finished it was off on the provided coaches to the airport and the usual waiting around. Luckily I went with Richard Siddaway, a colleague of his and the aforementioned Ben Pearce so the time went pretty quick.

All in all I had a brilliant time, got loads out of it and now need to work on a plan for how to get there next year!