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UKVMUG 21st Nov 2013 Community Session “PowerCLI Automation in the Enterprise: Breaking the Magician’s Code”

The agenda for this year’s UKVMUG has been published and a pretty fine line up it looks too. What’s really great is that during each section of sessions, there’s a community slot with real world info from people working with VMware technologies at the coalface. You’ll be able to pick sessions from @sammcgeown @maishsk @etherealmind @rickyelqasem and me. I’ll be talking about some of my experiences of PowerCLI automation in the field and examples of how to break your code down to make it more flexible to use in different scenarios.

You can register for the event here.


UK VMUG: Call for Papers is Open

Lots of hard work is already being put into organising this year’s UKVMUG. One of the best attributes of these type of events is the community content – real world content from real people, i.e. not Vendor A, B or C telling you that their latest product will solve all of your problems. (Of course that’s there too if you want to hear about that kind of thing)

A critical aspect of community content is that you are always trying to bring new people through to bring content from different areas / backgrounds / experience. It’s quite easy for these things to turn into relying on the same people to produce community content all the time.  This doesn’t necessarily need to be a Powerpoint based session if you are not keen on standing up in front of a bunch of people, since other opportunities are available such as discussion groups or other interactive content. For instance maybe you are interested in finding out what challenges other people who work in the same industry (healthcare / banking / government)  as you have and lead a discussion forum for that, or perhaps a discussion group around certain technologies you use, maybe VDI, Storage, Backups etc. If you haven’t done anything like this before it can be quite daunting, but I can say from personal experience that the benefits that you will gain from doing so (increased presenting confidence / get to know the topic better / opportunities arising since people will start to consider you an expert at something etc….) will be worth it – and the audiences are always very friendly 🙂

So to help keep things fresh, I’m encouraging you to consider bringing your own content (BYOC?!) to this event. Of course this needs to be done in  a structured fashion so Simon Gallagher on behalf of the event has released a call for papers. Fill out the form there with your idea and put yourself in with a chance of helping make this event great!

I’ve submitted a session, but I’d be more than happy if it was turned down in favour of lots of sessions from new contributors.



UK PowerShell UserGroup needs your feedback on future events

The UK PowerShell UserGroup has been running for around 6 years now, but has been a little quiet of late. My fellow PowerShell MVP Richard Siddaway is currently seeking feedback on how you might like to see the group develop in the future. So if you have attended in the past or would consider attending a future event, please give him your feedback and help shape the direction it takes.

I know I’ve benefited a lot in the past from both attending these events to learn new things and also improve my presenting skills by speaking at them where a friendly audience is guaranteed. So I’d encourage you to get involved.


PowerCLI 101 at North East Bytes, Wed 20th March 2013

While on my working sojourn up North my good friend and fellow PowerShell MVP Jonathan Noble asked me to present a PowerCLI 101 session for the North East Bytes User Group he helps to run. So on Wednesday 20th March you can join us for this event at Newcastle University, session abstract and sign up details are below:

NEBytes March 2013 – Power The World With Imagination

PowerCLI 101
IT Pros are starting to come to grips with the idea of managing Microsoft products with PowerShell, but it’s not just Microsoft who are making use of the powerful automation capabilities on offer. VMware have been developing their own PowerShell-based management shell for some time – PowerCLI. In this session, Jonathan Medd, a Microsoft MVP for Windows PowerShell and VMware vEXPERT, will introduce PowerCLI and show you how to really take control of your virtual infrastructure.

Automation Station at the UKVMUG 2012

How do you provision, manage and decommission your (sprawling) infrastructure? Running around fighting fires while interesting project work falls by the wayside? Spending long evenings and weekends carrying out maintenance tasks while others are tweeting pictures of what fun they’re having in their spare time? Hiding from the bosses while they hunt you down to deploy a private cloud before Friday afternoon? Or even just figuring out what the heck infrastructure you have got and what underlying issues can you report on…..

Maybe you should consider some automation within your environment. If you’re coming to this year’s UKVMUG on November 15th in Birmingham then come visit Alan Renouf, William Lam and myself at the Automation Station, part of the extensive range of additional community content available at this already great event.

From provisioning / decommissioning physical and virtual servers, users, storage, networking and applications, through maintenance tasks, workflows and software testing, to what tools such as PowerShell, PowerCLI, vSphere CLI, Orchestrator, Python etc, you should or could use for different scenarios. We’d love to hear what automation you are already carrying out in your environment and have an opportunity to discuss what other things you could do.

If you ask nicely we might even write some code for you to take away to carry out an automation task.

Look forward to seeing you there and also highly encourage you check out the other community content available on the day (times subject to change, but we’ll be around all day 🙂 )

UKVMUG 2012 – Agenda Published

The agenda for this year’s UKVMUG has been published and looks tremendous. I know how much effort is put into organising this event and they look to have surpassed themselves this time. One great thing to highlight is the amount of community content there is amongst the published sessions, definitely putting the User back into a User Group.

Watch out too for a further announcement about even more community content to be included as part of the day. I’ll be helping to provide some of this and suffice to say if you have an interest in automation then there’s going to be plenty of brain power on hand to help you out!

Check out the current published content, you can register here and watch out for further community related announcements in the next couple of weeks…..

UK VMUG User Conference – Registration Open

Registration for this year’s UK VMUG User Conference is now open. This was a great event last year and from what I’ve heard it’s shaping up to be at least as good this year. The agenda so far is below. I highly recommend you attend the evening before, since again there will be a vCurry and a chance to network with attendees before the event.

VMUG is pleased to offer top notch education at our user conferences. Attendees will able to access information in a variety of formats and be able to enjoy the following features:  

  •  Keynote Sessions Presented by VMware Experts
  •  Sponsor Breakout Sessions
  •  VMware Educational Sessions
  •  Interactive Discussion Sessions Such as Focus Groups and Panels
  •  Exhibitor Area with VMware Partners
  •  Complimentary Breakfast and Lunch

There will be a Pre-Event vCurry Reception on Wednesday, November 14, 2012 sponsored by Veeam.

While registering I was given the opportunity to indicate which kind of sessions I would be most interested in seeing, so register early and you have an opportunity to influence the content of the event.


UK VMUG Call for Papers – Nov 15 2012

Last year’s UK VMUG was a fantastic event and the guys are already planning this year’s event, scheduled for November 15th.

They’ve just put out a Call for Papers, so if you have a good virtualisation topic, whether a good story from your workplace or info about a particular area of interest, then go fill out this form and you’ll be in with a chance of taking part.

If you haven’t contributed to an event like this before, then here are a few reasons why I would encourage you to do so.

It looks like I may be helping to contribute in a some fashion (details to follow when confirmed) so hope to see you there.