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Upcoming for the UK Powershell User Group

Coming up in February are two events for the UK Powershell User Group.

1) Following the Technet Event Managing Windows Servers with Powershell V2 on Feb 10th at Microsoft London there will be a Powershell UserGroup meeting.

My good friend Jonathan Noble will be travelling down all the way from the North of England to present for us about using Powershell to automate tasks in the large University environment he works in – well worth turning up for. Let Richard Siddaway know if you wish to attend.

Sometime between the afternoon Technet Event and the evening User Group I shall be interviewing Jonathan for the Get-Scripting Podcast.

2) February 26th Rolf Mausch, who runs the German Powershell User Group, will be presenting a live webcast for us about using Powershell in login scripts – an interesting topic since not a lot of people are doing that yet from what I have seen. Early details here.

Tech.ed Day 0 – (aka geek week as its now known in the Medd house)

So I’m out in Barcelona for my first Tech.ed, really looking forward to it kicking off tomorrow:

Tip #1: Don’t lift a chest of drawers up the stairs the day before going, its not good to travel with a back strain. I’m seriously hoping this wears off quickly

Tip #2: Strike up conversations with Tech looking people, so far:

  • At the airport car park I was waiting for a bus with one guy carrying a Tech.ed bag, obviously got chatting to him.
  • I got seated next to Nathan Winters – Exchange MVP on the plane. I knew who he was, but not vice-versa – he does now! (I think)
  • I tagged along with a similarly lost tech looking person at Barcelona airport looking for the bus into the city – he kindly pointed me in the right direction for my hotel after making it to the city and offered to show me how to get to the centre tomorrow via the metro.
  • Met up for the first time this evening with fellow Powershell fan Jon Noble, what a nice chap.

Consequently I have loads of tips and helpful info for getting the most out of this week.

I’ll most likely be at all the Powershell sessions (also you will see me at AD and Exchange sessions), please say hello.

Monday I will definitely be at:

IDA01-IS Ok so what happened to SYSVOL in AD 2008? Do I need to care?
Room 133 at 17.45