PowervRA 1.2.2 with Tested Support for vRA 6.2.4

One of the things we did for the 1.2.2 release of PowervRA was to test all of the functions against a vRA 6.2.4 deployment. Now that we have created Pester tests for all of the functions, it is quite straightforward for us to test against different vRA versions.

While we had initially targeted vRA 7+ because of the better API support, we know that currently the majority of installations out there are 6.x.x. So we are happy to confirm that 58 of the functions work fine with 6.2.4, which was a slightly higher figure than I was expecting.

All of the functions which will not work pre v7 have been updated to include an API version check and will exit the function with a message to reflect that if you try to use  them with 6.x.x, e.g.

Get-vRAContentPackage is not supported with vRA API version 6.2



2 thoughts on “PowervRA 1.2.2 with Tested Support for vRA 6.2.4

  1. Hello Folks,

    i am using vRA 6.2.3 i installed PowervRA but after login i am not able to run any of the commands. all are giving the same error like “Get-vRABlueprint is not supported with vRA API version” i tried so many but all giving same error.

    can anyone have idea on that. please help

  2. Hi, thanks for the interest. In the post we detail that only 58 of the functions will work against vRA 6.2.4, Get-vRABlueprint is one of those. We have not performed any formal testing against 6.2.3, however it is quite likely that the number which will function against that release will be smaller than 58.

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