vRO requestCatalogItem from vRA Action - Available Properties

The vRO Action requestCatalogItem in the com.vmware.library.vcaccafe.request folder can be used to programmatically request an item from a vRA Catalog.

One of the inputs is a properties object which permits you to dynamically make changes to settings configured within the Catalog Item you are deploying from. So say for instance the Catalog Item maps to a Blueprint configured with 1 vCPU, you could change this at request time to be 2 vCPU - which for instance might lead you to needing to maintain fewer Catalog Items.

It’s possible that it exists already, but I haven’t been able to find where the entire list of available properties that you can use are documented. Many of those starting VirtualMachine. or VMware. can be found in the vRA Custom Properties guide, so I’m not going to list them all here. However, not every available property in those ranges actually appear to be in that guide.

So I have decided to maintain a list here garnered from various sources, including a few common ones from the Custom Properties guide. If you know of any others not in the Custom Properties guide, then please leave a comment and I’ll add them: provider-blueprintId: vRA Blueprint provider-ProvisioningGroupId: Business Group

provider-VirtualMachine.CPU.Count: provider-VirtualMachine.Memory.Size: provider-VirtualMachine.Network_X_.NetworkProfileName: Network profile for NIC 0 provider-VirtualMachine.Network_X_.Name: Network Name (portgroup) for NIC 0

provider-VirtualMachine.Disk_X_.IsClone: provider-VirtualMachine.Disk_X_.Size:

provider-VirtualMachine.Disk_X_.StorageReservationPolicy: vRA Storage Reservation Policy provider-VirtualMachine.Disk_X_.StoragePolicy.FriendlyName: vCenter Storage Policy provider-VirtualMachine.Disk_X_.StoragePolicy.vCenterStoragePolicy: vCenter Storage Policy


provider-VMware.VirtualCenter.Folder: Virtual Center folder provider-Cafe.Shim.VirtualMachine.TotalStorageSize: provider-Cafe.Shim.VirtualMachine.Description: Description provider-Cafe.Shim.VirtualMachine.AssignToUser: vRA Machine owner provider-Cafe.Shim.VirtualMachine.NumberofInstances: Number of VMs to deploy provider-CustomPrefix provider-__reservationPolicyID: vRA Reservation Policy