PowerShell V3 CTP2 - Now Available

The second Community Technology Preview of PowerShell V3 is now available. This pre-beta release gives of a flavour of areas of change which may appear in the final release. A CTP has an emphasis on Community , i.e. the PowerShell team is looking for plenty of feedback for this release while they still have time to change things. Below are items logged on Connect by the community which have been fixed since the release of CTP1 - so if you find an issue in your testing, please log it on Connect so it can be reviewed and potentially resolved.


PowerShell V3 CTP2 is part of the Windows Management Framework (WMF) 3.0 CTP2 and can be installed on the following Windows configurations.

Full details on other changes in CTP2 are detailed on the PowerShell Team Blog:


I’m pleased to announce that the Community Technology Preview #2 (CTP2) is available for download.

Windows Management Framework 3.0 CTP2 makes some updated management functionality available to be installed on Windows 7 SP1 & Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1. Windows Management Framework 3.0 contains Windows PowerShell 3.0, WMI & WinRM.

IMPORTANT: If you have WMF3.0 CTP1 installed, you must uninstall it before installing CTP2.

Overview of changes since WMF 3.0 CTP1 1. Customer Reported Bug Fixes Many customer reported bugs have been fixed since the WMF 3.0 CTP1. The release notes contains a list of bug titles, but please check Connect for full details.

2. Single Command Pane in Windows PowerShell ISE The Command and Output panes in Windows PowerShell ISE have been combined into a single Command pane that looks and behaves like the Windows PowerShell console.

3. Updatable Help The WMF 3.0 CTP1 release notes described a new Updatable Help system in Windows PowerShell 3.0 and included a copy of the help content. The Updatable Help system is now active on the Internet. To download and update help files, type: Update-Help.

4. Windows PowerShell Workflows A number of enhancements have been made in the scripting experience for Windows PowerShell Workflows, including new keywords: Parallel, Sequence & Inlinescript. A document describing these changes will be published to the download page shortly.

5. Remote Get-Module The Get-Module cmdlet now supports implicit remoting. You can now use the new PSSession and CIMSession parameters of the Get-Module cmdlet to get the modules in any remote session or CIM session. A number of other module enhancements are listed in the release notes.

Feedback & Bugs We welcome any feedback or bug submissions to the Windows PowerShell Connect site: http://connect.microsoft.com/PowerShell

Additional Information: This software is a pre-release version. Features and behavior are likely to change before the final release.

This preview release is designed to enable the community to experience and review the preliminary designs and direction of key features Windows PowerShell 3.0 and to solicit feedback before features are finalized.

For an interesting post describing what to expect with a CTP, read this very old post from Jeffrey

Travis Jones [MSFT] Program Manager – Windows PowerShell Microsoft Corporation