Geek Rhyming Slang

This started (for me anyway) when my wife told people I was away at Geek Week, i.e. Teched EMEA and I had for a long time described my (or lack of as others might say) own fashion style as Geek Chic. Anyway after the legends of the IT Crowd used my Geek Chic phrase (OK, I’m claiming it) multiple times during one of their recent shows I decided to try and find some more and here’s the results. Special thanks to @Jaykul, @Poshoholic and @ebgreen for the contributions.

Translations added for any non-Geek Speak(ers)

Geek Week - an IT conference like Teched, VMworld

Geek Chic - fashion style (or lack of, can be either) displayed by an IT pro

Geek Speak - jargon filled conversation

Geek Freak - a person who (pretends to be?) hot for geeks

Geek Bleak - how geeks normally decorate

Geek Cheek - when IT thinks management can’t touch them

Geek Antique - a TRS-80, Amiga, or C-64

Geek Boutique - Fry’s, Best Buy, Future Shop

Geek Physique - Wii Sports/Fitness

Geek Tweak - a bug fix

Geek Shriek - the sound of a wedgie

Geek Clique - a huddle of geeks

Geek Peak’d - completing a IT project

Geek Mystique - this aura surrounds you when you do “exactly what I did” for a coworker, but it works for you on the first try

Geek Critique - ripping each other apart bassed on minutiae and technycalities and misspellings

Geek Oblique - our version of subtle – when you have to explain the joke, in case people don’t know what oblique means

Geek Technique - This is how we (over) do it

I’m on a Geek Streak……..